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The Pinnacle Health Story

Since establishing CBD-based health clinics and helping ANZ Bank pioneer the first corporate wellness centre in Australia in 2010, Tom and Josh have grown Pinnacle Health Group to a passionate team that guides hundreds of thousands of employees and their workplaces towards better health.

We have spent over a decade with our sleeves rolled up (literally) consulting, educating, treating, and leading employees and workplaces to better health.

We are obsessed with wellbeing, and obsessed with spreading this obsession (which we like to call the wellbeing wave).

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Tom Bosna and Josh Lambert began their careers as physiotherapists, and recognised that many busy, working age Australians weren’t able to find the time to focus on their own wellbeing.

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With over 70 episodes available, Well Workplaces features Tom Bosna who chats with passionate health and wellbeing leaders and industry innovators that share stories and tips to inspire healthy change in the workplace.



Pinnacle Corporate Health Checks and in-house Corporate Wellness Programs are helping thousands of employees from some of Australia’s most recognised organisations.

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Although it’s common knowledge that employee health and wellbeing is vital in every workplace, it can be extremely difficult to engage employees in meaningful corporate wellness programs. In fact, most corporate wellness initiates have an average engagement of less than 10% of the team.

We are a unique corporate wellness company, and at Pinnacle Health Group we make workplace wellness fun, empowering, and practical because we focus on cultivating a positive team culture that drives productivity and employee engagement. The Pinnacle consultants are passionate about turning health and wellness into a part of your team’s daily work habits.

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Skin Cancer Checks

Employee Wellness Programs

A doctor would never prescribe medication to a patient without first conducting a thorough assessment, and forming a diagnosis.

Without knowing the health and wellbeing metrics of your people, and organisation as a whole, you stand to deliver a wellbeing program that is costly, poorly engaged and does not influence healthy behavioural change for your employees.

Our range of Health Checks and assessments ensure that:

Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee Health Checks

Employee Health Checks provide mandatory data regarding employee health, and allow employers to direct attention to the areas of health that employees are most in need of guidance.

With many employees working remotely, our traditional employee health checks are complemented with a range of remote-accessed health assessments, which are fast-becoming the option of choice for organisations across Australia.

Our health checks range from 10-minute digital wellbeing checks to more comprehensive, 30-minute assessments that measure key health indicators such as blood glucose, blood cholesterol, waist to hip ratio, lifestyle questionnaire and nutritional status.

Employee Skin Checks

Did you know that 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the age of 70?
Employee Skin Checks are literally life-saving health assessments, and are a must for workplaces across Australia.

Our skin checks can be attended via onsite skin cancer assessments delivered at your workplace, or remote-accessed skin cancer assessments incorporating Molescope technology.

Our expert Dermatoscopists are located across the country, and deliver these in-person or remote skin cancer assessments, and comprehensive mole mapping services, all year round.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

We’ve all had it before, haven’t we? The stiff neck, achey shoulders and sore low back from our workstations. Even worse – trying to concentrate on work when headaches kick in.

The “workplace” has changed so much, and with many of us working between an office and home set-up, the risks of musculoskeletal pain and stiffness are significantly higher.

Our workplace ergonomic assessments are tailored to your unique situation(s) – with in-person or virtual assessment options for office, home, or remote working, and designed for sitting or standing desks.

Assessments are conducted by expert Ergonomic Physiotherapists, and the checks include postural analysis and exercises to improve the human-workstation interaction.



For organisations who require employment assistance program (EAP), the team at Pinnacle Health Group specialise in creating 24/7 psychology and counselling service for small and large organisations.

With a national network of Psychologists and Counsellors we guarantee:

  • 6am to 11pm access, 7 days a week access for your employees
  • Frictionless digital employee experience
  • Live organisational reporting for employers
Get in touch to learn more about our EAP programs

Executive Health Checks

Our executive health checks take comprehensive assessment to the next level – and involve rigorous, medically-led assessments of holistic health and wellbeing.

The assessments involve testing of lifestyle health risks, cardio-respiratory health, mental health, skin cancer assessment, exercise tolerance, nutritional status, lifestyle factors and a range of important key health metrics.

The assessments are followed with a tailored health management plan for each individual executive, and follow up consultation from chosen allied health practitioners.

Employee Postural Assessments

Should I work at a sitting or standing desk? How often should I be moving? What if my spine is already stiff and sore? What can I do to improve my posture or core stability?

These are just a few of the many questions we all ask ourselves regularly.

Our expert physiotherapists have worked with busy, corporate employees for decades – and understand the pressures of modern-day working life.

Our employee postural assessments are delivered in-person or via virtual consultation, and address key aspects of the person’s musculoskeletal profile, core stability and postural background.

Are you ready for your workplace health check program?

Take our health check program quiz and find out! The quiz takes only 5 minutes and you will receive a full report once completed. The test has been carefully designed in collaboration with our corporate clients over the last decade and is designed so that you can assess your workplace’s readiness to participate in a health check program. 

How do you launch an employee wellbeing program?

Is it your responsibility to deliver the employee wellbeing program at your workplace? 

In this video, Josh from Pinnacle Health Group explains how to engage your employees with a tailored wellbeing program.

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Create your own wellness centre at your workplace

We are the leaders in designing, operating and integrating onsite Wellness Centres into a range of workplaces. Create an empowered wellbeing culture with your own onsite health team today! Whether you want your employees to access on-site physiotherapy of massage, or need health checks, skin cancer checks, or mental health support – your team will have all-in-one access to these crucial services.

Don’t have space (or resources) to create a full-scale wellness centre?

We tailor existing spaces at your workplace to create pop-up wellness centres where employees can enjoy a range of health services at work, including:

  • Workplace yoga
  • Onsite Physiotherapy
  • Office pilates
  • Group meditation
  • Group fitness classes
  • Tai-chi
  • Plus More!

Get in touch today to learn more about how Pinnacle Health Group can help you.

Our workplace wellness strategy

Our vast experience in engaging employee wellbeing allows us to consult organisations on best practice in workplace wellness.

Our consultants not only deliver the range of services above, but work directly with the HR or wellbeing stakeholders at each workplace to design and implement an annual wellbeing program that is tailored to the organisation.

The key pillars of our integrated approach to employee wellbeing are: 

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